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Stay True x Big Motor x Dressed To Kill

Bred by Norman Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: 12-5    Reg#: 637735005



(Stay True x Big Motor x Dress To Kill x Skull's mom)

Bred By: Norman Farms

We had heard rumblings of a great one at Norman's and when the guys at Norman Farms drove this one out of the barn, it didn't take long to realize we were looking at one very powerful Yorkshire boar!

RIDE OR DIE is one of those boars that just doesn't come along very often, and when they do, you do whatever it takes to get them bought!! In addition to his incredible phenotype, RIDE OR DIE offers an exceptional blend of genetics, resulting in the ultimate Yorkshire sire!! This one gets us pumped up!!!

RIDE OR DIE takes stoutness and power to a whole new level, yet does so in a flexible, complete, very well- balanced package. RIDE OR DIE gives a killer first impression, being huge chested, stout skulled, and busted open in his chest! He is an incredibly heavy boned, big footed boar that is exceptional in his front feet and toe quality. Being so extreme, he is still a boar that is very impressive in the balanced look and build he offers as you study him from the side. The spring to his upper rib and depth of body is awesome and he offers immense product and shape down his back. He drives away just as impressive being wide and powerful, with a square hind leg that can flat out-reach and go.

We love our Yorkshire line-up as we feel it has an elite option however you need to go.

RIDE OR DIE offers a tremendous choice for bigger-framed, basic females that need to add power and bring them to the ideal showpig scale.

Take a big swing with RIDE OR DIE!! He can take you to the next level of Yorkshire hogs!

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