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Major League x Never Before x Next Intention's Mother

Bred by Brockman Farms

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:


BOOM!! THIS ONE HAS GOT VISITORS ALL EXCITED!!! REVIVAL is one of our most recent purchases from Brockman Farms and has caused a big stir!!! From a phenotypic standpoint, he offers some of the most wild and out there pieces that we have ever seen on one! It gets even better when you study the genetic fire power represented in REVIVAL'S pedigree that makes us so confident in his ability to make offspring that have the extras and "ests" that are necessary to stand out in even the toughest crowds at the big ones! REVIVAL is sired by Major League (My Intention x Kingpin x Next Intention's mom), the very popular boar we purchased from Brockman Farms in the Spring of '22! As soon as Major League's pigs started to hit the sale ring last Fall, and then the show ring as it progressed into Winter/Spring show season-- the winners started rolling in, and Major League's popularity continued to soar! He is such a rare combination of being so balanced and complete, while still adding ALL of the necessary extras it takes to be elite. Major League seems to work across all different types and kinds of females which has made him one of the most popular boars we have in stud! REVIVAL'S mother is a littermate to Stay The Course (Never Before x Next Intention's Mother)!! With the generating potency of Never Before and Next Intention's mom, it's easy to see why we are so excited about the potential for greatness that REVIVAL represents!

Without a doubt, we think REVIVAL is the most unique, far reaching boar that we have ever purchased from Brockman Farms!! REVIVAL offers an absolutely INSANE amount of bone and stoutness of feature, while being so clean in his joints and flat in that bone work! REVIVAL is able to combine this next level stoutness with an unforgettable look from the side with IDEAL proportions and build. REVIVAL is VERY moderate in his length of body, while still offering that extreme look and elevation you love to see, and maintains proper balance and proportionality when you view him from the side! His front feet are strong and his hind leg can bend and function at a very high level! For those that love hair and shag, REVIVAL'S hair has hair, and we highly suggest him as a great option if that's an area your sow could use help as well! Sometimes it takes a big swing to make the kind that can win at the highest levels, and while we definitely view REVIVAL as the kind of boar that carries a very big stick, we still believe that his genuine build and overall design make him the kind that can still work on a large variety of females, producing very deep litters of pigs!!! If you are wanting to see just how far you can go---it may take a REVIVAL!!!

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