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Here I Am x Kingpin X Next Intention's Mom

Bred by Brockman Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


REVELATION!!! This powerful young boar purchased privately from Brockman Farms has gotten visitors all fired up!!! He offers a very interesting blend of the best stuff at Brockman Farms being sired by the very successful Here I Am. Here I Am comes from the legendary litter sired by Skull & Bones back on Cruel Intentions’s mother that also included Believe In Me and Keepin’ The Faith!! Needless to say, the impact those three boars have had is very substantial!! REVELATION’S mother is a Kingpin x Next Intention’s mother!! In her previous litter, this sow raised the 2022 The Exposition Jr Show 3rd Overall Division Three Crossbred Gilt shown by Blaze Cozart! This sow is also a littermate to the mother of MAJOR LEAGUE!! It’s safe to say there is some serious breeding value in these Kingpin x Next Intention’s mother sows, and that gives us even more confidence in the type of sire that REVELATION is going to be!! We bought REVELATION as a baby boar on our April trip to Brockman Farms. When they drove out this group, REVELATION hit us like a ton of bricks, and we instantly knew there was no way we could pull out of the drive without REVELATION in the trailer!! Being able to see him through every stage of maturation makes us appreciate his elite quality even more!! He has never had a bad day or went through any major stage, just always been so impressive and fun to look at through every stage!! Study this boar, study his pedigree, and study the firm he comes from—it all becomes very clear. REVELATION!!!

REVELATION is a truly unique, outlier type of boar!! He is so stout and dense in his features, bold in his blade and big in his rib and body cavity! For a young boar that is this stout and burly, he still reads with an extremely attractive, youthful look ahead of his blade, up through his head and neck! As you get on top of him, he impresses with a hard back shape and big roll to his back. He maintains this shape all the way back and has a big, steer-like squareness to his hip and carries his muscle, tying down deep into his stifle joint, down through his hock to the ground. His bones are extremely large, his feet are enormous, yet his joints are very clean with a superb angle to his hock and cushion to his rear foot. He comes at you with power and leaves you with that same impressive width, planting on a square, secure hind leg! REVELATION has been INCREDIBLY popular amongst visitors here and we think he has a chance to be one of those rare sires that gets remembered for a long time. It's a REVELATION!

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