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Renaissance 69-5 x Gain Control

Bred by Steve Cobb & Family

Stress: NEG    EN: 5-5    Reg#: 641153005



Bred By: Steve Cobb & Family

RESURGENCE is a big time off the farm purchase from Steve Cobb & Family that has us excited about making better Yorkshire’s!! Not only does he offer a breath of fresh air from a genetic standpoint, he offers some extreme, far reaching phenotypic traits that give us belief that he can make a dramatic impact on the breed!! Thanks to the Cobb Family for the opportunity to purchase this special young Yorkshire boar and make him available to the public!!

Our trip to Cobb’s earlier this Spring was initially focused on the cross boars there, however when RESURGENCE drove out of the barn, finding a way to get him purchased immediately became a priority. He is incredibly stout and heavy structured, yet still gives you a great look and design when you view him from the side profile. He comes at you bold and opened up with power and dimension and offers that same impressive view as he plants and drives away. He is so impressive at his foundation with big legs, enormous feet and giant, evenly spaced toes.

RESURGENCE has that look of a generator and we think he has a chance to be a changer in the Yorkshire breed!!

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