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Cry Baby x Cry Baby’s Mom (Yellowstone)

Bred by Hi Point Genetics

Stress: NEG    EN: 12-2    Reg#: 433603002


It's time to roll out the RED CARPET!!! This special Duroc boar is our $45,000 purchase from Hi Point Genetics at the 2023 Winter Type Conference where he was named the Reserve Grand Champion Duroc Boar! RED CARPET hit us incredibly hard while watching online and after talking with our crew and friends there in Perry, we knew he was the one we needed to own to complement our existing Duroc boar battery. RED CARPET presents a royal look from every angle and has a very potent pedigree to back it up! RED CARPET is the product of mating Cry Baby (Tear Drop x Yellowstone) back to his mother (Yellowstone x Cheap Money). This sow would also be famous for being a littermate to the powerful RIP boar at Heimer's. Additionally, as a show gilt she was the 2019 Illinois State Fair Jr Show 5th Overall Breeds (Champion Duroc) Gilt!! RED CARPET comes from an incredible litter of pigs, including his littermate brother being the $70,000 Grand Champion Duroc Boar (Branded at Crossroads Genetics) at the WTC! We have long admired the Duroc boars stacked in this pedigree for the unique and far-reaching traits they consistently bring to the table. We have very strong belief that RED CARPET will be a tremendous option to go back on several of the dominant lines in the breed and can complement them from a genetic and phenotypic standpoint to take a big stride and make big time progress in the Duroc breed! Get ready to head to the backdrop to get your picture taken with lots of big banners……..RED CARPET!!!!

RED CARPET is a boar that hits you incredibly hard with an elite first impression, offering so much “wow” factor that can’t be denied. He comes at you big and bold, with a powerful look through the front end of his skeleton. He is a very big bladed boar that offers tremendous width and mass as he drives toward you. As he turns and goes to the side, the look he gives is so attractive, with impeccable balance in terms of ideal kind of height to length ratio and perfect proportions. RED CARPET is a very tall shouldered hog that still maintains the right kind of set to his shoulder and curvature down through his forearm and front foot that allows him to take a long, athletic stride out of his front end. As you analyze the top side of his skeleton, RED CARPET offers immense spread and mass. As you get into the center portion of his body, RED CARPET has a huge engine, exhibiting incredible curvature to his upper rib and he carries this spread down though his center body. He has a huge hip and offers excellent muscle and product up high, transitioning down through a full rump, and tying it with tremendous flare to his inner thigh. As he tracks away, he offers another very impressive view with width and power, reading so square and genuine from the top of his hip, down through his rump and hock to ground. Most impressive is RED CARPET’S ability to carry all this extreme mass, power, and stoutness with such an elite kind of athleticism and overall flexibility. His ideal hip and hind leg design allows him to take a long, secure kind of stride, enabling his rear foot to reach forward and almost fill his front foot's tracks as he motors. We all know in today’s ultra-competitive showring setting, the drives through class, divisions, and eventually the grand drives require a hog with a truly correct skeleton that can last the process to the top! We have an extreme amount of confidence in RED CARPET’S ability to combine so many extreme traits with that next level flex and running gear to win big shows at the highest levels of competition! RED CARPET is one truly special Duroc boar with an incredible pedigree!!!He is built and bred to make a MAJOR impact on the Duroc breed! RED CARPET!

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