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Quite Frankly x Decisive x Never Before

Bred by Ogle Genetics

Stress: Neg    EN:    Reg#:


REAL TALK……..This one will get your blood pumping!! REAL TALK is our $70,000 weanling boar purchase from Ogle Genetics at the 2022 King’s Of The Hill pig sale! As soon as we got to Ft. Worth, we started hearing significant buzz about the Quite Frankly boar pig that Ogle brought to town, and after seeing him in the preview ring on Friday night, it was easy to see why the talk was so high! This boar absolutely blew us away and it was love at first sight. Needless to say, as much as we loved him when we purchased him, we never could have dreamed of the monster he would turn into!! This one is flat out special! REAL TALK is sired by the great Quite Frankly, who is without question one of the most popular boars we have ever had here at PBG! Even more exciting, as soon as Quite Frankly’s pigs started to hit the show ring, they started winning big on a very consistent basis! Finding elite sons of him was an absolute top priority this fall at the baby pig sales, and REAL TALK is one that has us fired up!! REAL TALK’S mother is an impressive Decisive x Never Before sow that appears to be a special kind of generator. With his mother’s genetic package combining Decisive (Dirty South x Vendetta x Swagger) with Never Before (Dirty Secret x Red Alert), REAL TALK is loaded with influential boars and sow families on both sides of his pedigree, which gives us even more confidence in his generating ability! Within what we feel is easily the best set of young boars we have ever added her at PBG, REAL TALK is an absolute stand out and leaves a lasting impression……REAL TALK!

REAL TALK is so extreme yet offers all his extras into a very fundamental, structurally correct package. His head shape and skull design are near perfect, reading so stout and rugged, while still having a long, attractive neck with a tight ear set. He is a big chested boar, that exudes power as he drives at you with that width, holding his head high and proud. From the side, he epitomizes the word “balance”, being tall shouldered, flat backed, and long hipped. He offers ideal proportions, and everything just fits and matches so well! REAL TALK is incredibly heavy boned, and big footed, and as you study him at every indicator, he continues that trend of reading rugged and heavy duty, from the brim of his nose, all the way back to his monster tail root.

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