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No Introduction x Cruel Intentions

Bred by Steve & Mark Gray Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


QUITE FRANKLY, we think this one is flat out SPECIAL!! QUITE FRANKLY is a littermate to NO STRANGER, the $200,000 weanling purchase we made from Mark Gray at the 2021 Perfect Timing Pig Sale! We thought NO STRANGER was one of the best boars we had ever seen at that stage and after Mark told us that he had a littermate brother to NO STRANGER at home, it was a quick, and very easy decision that he needed to come to PBG as well! QUITE FRANKLY may start out by being known as the littermate to NO STRANGER, but we can tell you with full confidence, as well as those that have seen him, QUITE FRANKLY is a big-time boar that is also in a league of his own!! QUITE FRANKLY is a truly elite individual, out of an incredible litter! We have absolute confidence in his future as a big-time sire of champion barrows, boars, and gilts!! QUITE FRANKLY, we love this one!!!!

As we discussed in depth within NO STRANGER'S description, QUITE FRANKLY offers a very special bloodline that gives us even more confidence in their ability to breed on and become a consistent sire of dominating showpigs!! They are sired by the incredibly popular and successful, No Introduction that we purchased from Mollet Showpigs at the 2020 Perfect Timing sale. NO INTRODUCTION is off to a blazing start as a sire, already putting lots of big wins in his portfolio and we think he is just getting started!! QUITE FRANKLY and NO STRANGER’S mother is a special young Cruel Intentions sow that Mark purchased from Hilty Showpigs! On the bottom side of his mother’s pedigree, it gets even more exciting with her being a Cruel Intentions x Red Alert x Power Plant (Bone Thug son) x Hillbilly Bone x Space Monkey) That sow line is proving to be extremely potent in terms of the generating ability they offer and look to be cornerstone type females for both firms moving forward! In fact, Hilty’s very popular Perfect Timing entry was actually out of a littermate sow to the mother of QUITE FRANKLY and NO STRANGER! Their genetic power coupled with the undeniable phenotype and extreme qualities make for a truly exciting package!!

QUITE FRANKLY is one of the most extreme, far reaching crossbred boars we have ever had in stud here at PBG!! He is unreal in his bone and foot, with EXTREME stoutness and features!! It is difficult to adequately describe how large his legs are, yet he still remains clean in his joints and can plant, drive, and function with ease! He reads like a man at every indicator with a stout, masculine skull and jawline and a big, fat tail root. He is massive and bold through his chest and maintains this power and dimension through the mid portion of his body, with a big expensive rib cage and tremendous natural body depth. Most impressively, for all this power and stoutness, he remains very attractive in his look, being tall at the point of his shoulder, with a long, clean neck and a tight ear set. QUITE FRANKLY displays a very expressive, genuine muscle pattern that starts right out of his blade and transitions back with a crisp turn to his loin edge, on back to a big hip! It stretches the imagination when he is set in motion and carries all of these extreme traits in a skeleton that is so square and true, and very athletic in his comfort and range of motion. We EXPECT great things to come out of this boar---QUITE FRANKLY!

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