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Happy Hour x Change Of Pace Mate Sister

Bred by Korb Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: 70-2    Reg#: 167085002


POWER HOUR!!! This is our $11,000 Landrace boar purchased from Korb Farms in the 2023 THE DRAFT! When we first saw his picture and video, POWER HOUR hit us incredibly hard and immediately knew he needed to come to PBG! POWER HOUR is incredibly stout, heavy boned, and rugged in his build! With all that, he is so balanced and proportionate in his build, offering the right kind of length of body to sire dominant Landrace gilts and show barrows!! His hip and hind leg works like a machine enabling him to have a running gear that can get to the top gear and stay there!! POWER HOUR is the kind it takes to make Landrace barrows and gilts that can make a run at the “overall” banners!!!

POWER HOUR offers an absolutely bulletproof genetic package being sired by the very popular Happy Hour, and out of Change Of Pace’s littermate sister! We have always thought Change Of Pace was ahead of his time and breed-for-breed, is one of our absolute favorite boars we have ever had here! The sow line backing POWER HOUR gets it done every time and is responsible for too many winners and tremendous generators to list here!! Thanks to the guys there at Korb Farms for creating this monster and offering him on THE DRAFT! We absolutely love this boar and are thrilled to offer him to our customers!!

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