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Quite Frankly x Tricked Out's Mom

Bred by Decker Showpigs

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POINT BLANK!!! This stout young boar is a Quite Frankly x Tricked Out’s mom!! We think not much more needs to be said about his potential!! Quite Frankly is one of the most popular boars we have ever had on stud here at PBG, and as his pigs have hit the ring, they have definitely lived up to the hype! Combining Quite Frankly and Tricked Outs mom (Never Before x Blurred Vision) has created one impressive young boar here in POINT BLANK! When we went over to our good friends at Decker Showpigs early this past fall to look at the boar prospects, the set blew us away and we ended up making several purchases. POINT BLANK is one that was a standout! Obviously, with his pedigree, expectations are going to be sky high and we think he can back it up from a visual standpoint as well! He combines several of the far-reaching traits of both Quite Frankly and Tricked Out into one very special package! With that, he offers some of his own unique characteristics that take his breeding potential to the next level. We are pumped up to see what this big-time young boar can do---POINT BLANK!!

POINT BLANK is a very impressive specimen that has had visitors on tours fired up since we started showing this new young set of boars! He hits you as a boar that can be bred to such a wide variety of types and kinds and can expect big time results! He is a notch bigger in his kind than most Quite Frankly sons, and offers the kind of size that should enable him to still make those big league show barrows, as well as gilts that can show early and often, yet be at their absolute best at their final destination show! For being a bigger hog, he comes at you with unbelievable power and width, starting at his blades, down through the base of his chest, and knee to ground. He tracks away and shows off a monster hip, carrying immense product down through his rump, with impressive flare down through his inner thigh. His bones are enormous, and his feet are big, with thick toes that spread evenly as he plants and drives. As we briefly discussed above, his added size and ideal length of body should allow him to be bred to even more extreme types of females than you typically could with this genetic package. POINT BLANK is a boar that we expect to be around for a long time due to his breeding versatility, which should allow him to remain incredibly popular for many breeding seasons. Great boars that generate champions and are built like this never go out of style and are always in extremely high demand---POINT BLANK!!!

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