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Quite Frankly x Overruled x Dirty Secret

Bred by Bobell Farms

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PICTURE THIS………a boar that can combine so many extreme, far-reaching traits into one absolutely unforgettable package! PICTURE THIS is our $100,000 weanling boar purchase from Bobell Farms at the 2022 Perfect Timing Pig Sale!! We fell in love with this pig from the first moment we saw him in the preview ring at PT and immediately knew that he was one we absolutely had to own!!! Bobell Farms is very well known for consistently producing pigs that can win on the big stage, as well as creating breeding stock that can go out and generate elite quality livestock! We believe PICTURE THIS is a prime example of the kind of elite quality the Bobell Farm’s breeding program is known for and the kind of boar that we feel very fortunate to own! PICTURE THIS is sired by Quite Frankly, the Mark Gray boar that is one of the most popular boars we have ever had here at PBG! PICTURE THIS’S mother is a very exciting specimen in her own right, being an (Overruled x Dirty Secret x Lock It Up x Best Man) sow that has a very potent genetic package backed by generations of sows that have made winners on the biggest stages! As a show gilt, PICTURE THIS’S mother was shown by Drake Fletcher and was the Reserve Champion Middlweight Crossbred Gilt at the 2021 Illinois State Fair! The Dirty Secret grandmother is a true foundation female at Bobell Farms, and is the mother of Bigham Bunt’s 2022 The Exposition Grand Overall Crossbred Gilt (later selling for $50,000 in The Exposition open sale), and she is also the grandmother of Drake Fletcher’s Grand Champion Barrow at the 2022 Illinois State Fair Jr Show!! PICTURE THIS offers such a unique pedigree that combines some of the truly special generators of recent times all into one, complimenting each other to result in one very powerful genetic package!! One look at this incredible young boar and you’ll be dreaming about his offspring getting their pictures taken with big banners!! PICTURE THIS!!!

PICTURE THIS is one of our favorite boars we have ever had in stud here at PBG! He combines an extreme amount of power, mass, and stoutness with an unbelievable look and design, with an incredible running gear! He drives at you with his head held high, showing off a big chest, carrying his width from the base of his chest, down through his knee to the ground! From the side profile, he offers a look that will leave a lasting impression, with a freakish look through his head and neck! He is elevated at the point of his shoulder, while still offering ideal set to his blade, and curvature down through his forearm and foot. He transitions back with a bold fore rib, and has an extreme amount of internal capacity when you get back into his mid body! As you study the top side of his skeleton, he explodes out of the back side of his blade with extreme spread and maintains this dimension all the way back, with a deep ditch and a sharp loin edge! His hip is big, wide and square, and he carries this mass down through his rump, and exhibits impressive flair to his inner thigh muscle. He tracks away on an incredible hind leg, that is look and flexible, allowing him to get out and motor with unrivaled athleticism! To top it all off, PICTURE THIS is loaded with “it” factor and just has those extras in terms of natural showpig presence and build, which should allow his offspring to stand out and win on the highest levels! Think about the possibilities this incredible young boar offers—-PICTURE THIS!!!

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