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No Stranger x Quick N Dirty

Bred by Mauck Show Hogs

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:


PERFECT STRANGER……..This powerful young boar is our $20,000 weanling boar purchase from Mauck Show Hogs at the 2022 Major League Pig Sale! Nick and Neil had sent us a quick video of this guy prior to loading to head to Texas and he hit us very hard. We were searching for a No Stranger son that could build on what he has started and have strong belief that we have found him here with PERFECT STRANGER! NO STRANGER was our $200,000 weanling boar purchase at the ’21 Perfect Timing from Mark Gray! He is consistently generating offspring that are becoming VERY familiar with the backdrop and getting their pictures taken with big banners!! The mother of PERFECT STRANGER is a Quick & Dirty (Dirty Love’N x Dirty Secret) and provides even more genetic potency! Mauck Show Hogs consistently makes pigs that win big shows across the country, as well as breeding stock that generate and breed on! PERFECT STRANGER is a prime example of their elite breeding program and is one we are absolutely pumped up about!! PERFECT STRANGER!!!

PERFECT STRANGER is a true power hog that reads stout from every angle! He is a truly powerful individual, with a bold chest floor, huge ribcage, and is opened up with tremendous width from end to end! He is massive up high and carries this extreme dimension down through his center body. His skeleton is so loose and his angles are ideal, allowing him to drive with the kind of range of motion it takes to win in the big rings! PERFECT STRANGER is a very heavy boned, stout featured boar that has absolutely enormous feet. With all these power traits he offers, he is still a very attractive hog that has a natural presence and that eye appeal that is necessary!! PERFECT STRANGER is a boar that is so complete that he is one we can recommend on those more extreme females to keep them in check, while still adding even more extras and “ests” --culminating in the ultimate showpig package. PERFECT STRANGER!

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