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Playing By The Rules

Bred by Korb Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: 24-5    Reg#: 155422005

PAY TO PLAY is one extremely special Landrace boar. When we first got the video of this guy, it was immediately obvious that he was one of the best ones we had ever seen and was one that we absolutely had to have.

As with every Korb boar, PAY TO PLAY was built and bred with a vision, and absolutely represents the type of boar that is made when that type of plan comes to fruition!! We think PAY TO PLAY can be a dominant force within the breed!!

PAY TO PLAY puts everything you would ever want in a Landrace boar in one awesome package.He reads with a very stout, masculine skull and jawline. He is a very structured hog that is massive in his bone and foot size. From the profile, PTP offers a striking look, being elevated and extended, while still being moderate in his length of body and frame size! He is very shapely and expressive in his muscle pattern when offers with a bold when you get on top of him. He offers a bold rib cage and very good depth of body. The length of hip, and hind leg function sets him apart, culminating in the ultimate Landrace boar!!

David Korb is always extremely honest and typically overly-critical about his boar prospects when we contact him to see what he has in the pipeline.He is as confident in PAY TO PLAY as any we have ever discussed with him.PAY TO PLAY is the total package and is a great fit with Change Of Pace to cover lots of Landrace females!

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