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PBG Boars



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Good 4 U x Hidden Faith

Bred by LJ Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: 6-3    Reg#:


WOW!! This is one absolutely unbelievable Hereford boar!!! PATENT PENDING is the $52,000 World Record Selling Grand Champion Hereford Boar at the 2023 Summer Type Conference that we purchased from Leremy Jackson! We had seen pictures and heard about this special boar prior to Springfield and when he dropped into the ring there at STC, PATENT PENDING absolutely blew us away and we knew he was one we needed to own no matter what! From the side, PATENT PENDING offers a look that is unlike any other, being incredibly tall shouldered, elevated, and extended, while still offering a big, bold chest floor, with ideal slope/angle to his shoulder blade. As you get into the center part of his body, PATENT PENDING is explosive in his rib and body shape, maintaining consistent spring and depth from his heart/fore rib back to his flank. As you study the top side of his skeleton, he offers immense spread and power that transitions back to a monster hip! He carries this mass and power down through his rump to his inner thigh/stifle, and hock to ground. Most importantly, PATENT PENDING has an absolutely flawless skeleton with perfect angles that allow him to drive with supreme athleticism as he motors around the yard!!! It’s difficult to put into words just how special we think PATENT PENDING is. We truly believe he is the kind of individual that has the ability to become a legend in the industry!!! PATENT PENDING!!!


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