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Tricked Out x Roll Call's Sister

Bred by Goss Livestock

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PARTY TRICK!!! The one we have been hearing about for a very long time!!! When we made the trip to Goss Livestock to see him in person, he blew away our highest expectations! If you've talked to the crew there at Goss's, you know how strongly they feel about this boar and his litter---describing it as the deepest litter of pigs that has ever been born at Goss Livestock! With a program with the amount of success (both in the show-ring, and the breeding stock they have made), that is quite a statement, but PARTY TRICK is one very special boar out of an absolutely unbelievable litter!! PARTY TRICK is sired by Tricked Out and his mother is Roll Call's littermate sister (Back Drop x Never Before)!!! Roll Call's littermate sisters have already started to deliver huge wins on the biggest stages!!! PARTY TRICK'S litter included 2023 OYE Bronze Overall Dark Cross Barrow (Reserve Division 2), 2023 OBSE Reserve Dark Cross Barrow, 2023 The Revival (Day 1) 3rd Overall (Champion Dark Cross), 2023 The Revival (Day 2) 3rd Overall Dark Cross), a $26,000 weanling gilt sold in "The Coronation", 2023 Thomas County Grand Overall, 3 Sale Makers at 2023 Oklahoma Youth Expo, After Party, and many more winners!!! PARTY TRICK'S aunts are also proving to be big time genertors, producing the 2023 OYE Grand Overall Barrow, 2023 OBSE Grand Overall (Champion Hamp Barrow), 2023 OBSE 3rd Overall (Champion Dark Cross Barrow and the Goss/Hawk 2023 The Exchange entry( Mother is the littermate to Roll Call that was the $92,000 "Lot 1" in "The Coronation"!! Obviously, PARTY TRICK'S grandmother (Roll Call's mom) is becoming a legend and has already produced Roll Call, Game Face, as well as all of those littermate sisters to Roll Call that are producing at an elite level!!! There is serious genetic horsepower backing PARTY TRICK for generations and we believe takes his generating potential to a whole new level!!! With a pedigree stacked with so many elite individuals, we have extreme confidence that PARTY TRICK is going to make a long lasting impact on the industry! PARTY TRICK!!

PARTY TRICK is one you have to see in person to understand how a boar can pack this many extreme, far reaching pieces into one package, while still remaining so balanced, comfortable, and correct in his build. He is absolutely overwhelming in the amount of shape and spread he offers, starting out of the backside of his wide spread shoulder blades, carrying that dimension all the way back to an enormous hip and rump. For the amount of width and power he offers, it is incredible to watch him stride out and maintain that squareness to the ground with a very large, functional hind leg. PARTY TRICK drives and motors with the kind of elite athleticism it takes to last the long drives to the very top and we predict his offspring will be very tough to get around! PARTY TRICK looks like a breeding hog, with his stout skull, big tail root, and rugged features. He is an extremely heavy boned boar, with big feet and excellent toes that serve as a strong foundation. From the side, PARTY TRICK offers the ideal frame size and body length to be a dominating sire of show barrows, gilts, as well as the kind it takes to make the next generation of boars! Thanks again to our great friends at Goss Livestock for the opportunity to purchase this incredible boar and bring him to PBG! We sure think he has a chance to be next up in the long line of legends we have purchased from them over the last decade!! When you're ready to head to the big show and looking to have a great time---that demands a PARTY TRICK!!!

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