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Tricked Out x Stay Classy

Bred by Hilty Showpigs

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PACE CAR is our $35,000 weanling boar purchase from Hilty Showpigs at their Fall ’22 Farm sale where he was the top seller! Will had text us a heads up on this one, indicating he thought he was very special and after watching the preview, we knew there was no doubt---he was coming to PBG! PACE CAR is sired by the legendary Tricked Out boar, and his mother is a Stay Classy sow that Will says is absolutely the heaviest boned sow at Hilty Showpigs! The Tricked Out x Stay Classy combination has worked incredibly well and we believe PACE CAR is the perfect example of all the extremes those boars brough to the table! As you dive deeper into the genetic background of PACE CAR’S, it is filled with proven generators that consistently produced winners at the highest levels! Her extended pedigree is Stay Classy x Red Alert x Contagious, with that Contagious sow being the famous Heimer sow that Hilty bought ½ interest in for $35,000 at The Ones That Built The Brand sale a few years back! She most famously produced Adi Thompson’s 2017 OYE Grand Overall Barrow, but her true influence has been seen in the daughters and granddaughters. That sow would also be the great-grandmother of Magic Trick here at PBG! Needless to say, the genetic punch that PACE CAR offers gets us VERY excited for his generating potential. The showpig industry is a fast-track business---get up front with PACE CAR!

PACE CAR reads like a barrow sire deluxe!!! If his pigs look anything like him, they will be very hard to get around. He offers crazy spread and dimension on the top side of his skeleton, with an absolutely ENORMOUS back, as deep of as ditch as we have ever seen, and a hip like a show steer. He transitions down to a massive rib cage, big center body cavity, and is busted wide open with power from end to end! His bones are big, his front feet are strong, and his hip and hind leg design allows him to carry all this power and width with a comfort that seems impossible, considering how much heat he is packin’! PACE CAR is built perfectly to be used on plainer made sows that simply need more “wow” factor. This boar is a true genetic and phenotypic masterpiece from Will Hilty, one of the most widely respected hog men in this industry. He was bred with a plan, and the end result of that vision sure is fun to look at! Get up front and take the lead with PACE CAR!!!

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