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Top Shelf x Family Jewels

Bred by Decker Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: 17-4    Reg#: 179035004


This Berkshire boar can get you OVER THE TOP and into the winners circle holding big banners! OVER THE TOP is our Fall ’22 weanling boar online purchase from Decker Showpigs from their September online sale. When we made the trip over to visit Decker’s we looked through the online sale offering, and this Berkshire boar hit us like a ton of bricks! Sired by Top Shelf, the powerful linebred Family Jewels boar that was our $45,000 purchase from Kale Boysen at the 2021 STC in Springfield where he was the winner of Class 1 Berkshire boars!! His first crop of pigs exceeded all expectations, and we are excited to watch his impact on the Berkshire breed going forward! Coming from the Decker Showpigs firm, you know he’s going to have a powerful mother, and he certainly fulfills that expectation. The mother of OVER THE TOP was a very impressive specimen in her own right! She is a Family Jewels x Speak Now sow that was shown by Laynie Greene in the Summer of 2021, where she was named Indiana State Fair Jr Show 3rd Overall Berkshire gilt, NJSS 5th Overall Berkshire Gilt, and was also named 5th overall at the National Junior Show! With his sire being a double bred Family Jewels, and his mother being a daughter of Family Jewels, OVER THE TOP is extremely tightly linebred Family Jewels, who will go down as one of the most popular and successful boars of any breed we have had here at PBG!!

OVER THE TOP is one impressive Berkshire boar that has the ability to make his mark on the Berkshire breed! OVER THE TOP is one stout rascal! He reads so rugged and durable from every angle, while still offering a very attractive look and an incredible design! He is so big in is chest width, yet remains set back in his shoulder with superior angularity to his forearm and foot. He is massive in his center body dimension, has a big roll to his rib cage, and is excellent in his body shape. His hip is big and wind and he maintains this impressive mass down through his rump. OVER THE TOP is extremely flexible on the move, indicating he will generate offspring that can handle all of the extreme attributes we expect him to produce. We fully expect him to continue the winning ways that his sire has lead with, and take it to the next level! In todays showring setting, the margins between winning and losing are so slim, you need one like this to take you OVER THE TOP!!!

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