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Tricked Out x No Introduction x Quick & Dirty

Bred by Mauck Showhogs

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:


OUT FOR BLOOD!!! This beast is one of the special pair of Tricked Out sons that we purchased from Mauck Show Hogs!! OUT FOR BLOOD and ALL OUT WAR are an absolutely incredible pair of boars that we have wanted to purchase from the very first time we saw them as young pigs at Mauck’s this past Fall/Winter!!! They were unbelievable baby pigs that have matured into beasts that we are very proud to own!!! To give you an idea of the faith the guys at Mauck Show Hogs has in them----between OUT FOR BLOOD and ALL OUT WAR, they have over 60 sows bred to this pair of boars for the upcoming farrowing season!! From a genetic perspective, OUT FOR BLOOD flat out brings the heat!! Sired by the immortal Tricked Out and out of a very special young (No Introduction x Quick & Dirty x Dirty Secret x The Duke) sow!!! That is a pedigree that is absolutely stacked with boars that have made their mark and left a legacy! As a show gilt, this powerful female was the 2022 Georgia Nationals Grand Champion Overall Gilt! The Quick & Dirty grandmother has produced so many winners over the years including being the mother of Flying Monkey, the 2021, Grand Overall Barrow at the Colorado State Fair, 2022 Grand Overall Georgia National, 5th Overall Georgia Nationals, along with too many jackpot/show circuit winners to list! As you can see, OUT FOR BLOOD is backed by an incredible sow family that gives us a supreme amount of confidence in his ability to be a dominating sire of champions!!! OUT FOR BLOOD!!!

When we first saw OUT FOR BLOOD and ALL OUT WAR as a young pigs in Mauck’s show barn, this past Fall, they absolutely blew us away and we thought they were some of the very best weanling boars we had ever seen. Nick and Neil indicated that at that time they needed to keep these boars there for at least the first breeding season due to them planning to breed such a large number (60+) of their sows to this pair of boars! We asked them to stay in touch and when the time came, we immediately jumped at the opportunity to purchase OUT FOR BLOOD and ALL OUT WAR and are absolutely pumped for their future! OUT FOR BLOOD is one that bears a striking resemblance to his sire with his unforgettable presence and wild design, look, and build! He has such an exotic build, with his neck tying so high into his shoulder blade, while still offering spread and power out of his shoulder and so much power and mass from front to rear. For being this elevated and extended, he remains so stout and masculine in his skull shape and jaw-line, transitioning down with a wide spread chest floor. OUT FOR BLOOD is so impressive in his fore rib and heart and reads with that same boldness to his upper rib cage. He works a tremendous amount of product and shape all the way back to a monster hip and rump. He drives at you with impeccable squareness of build leaves with an impeccable hind leg. If you’re ready to get serious, you better be OUT FOR BLOOD!!!

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