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Next Intention x Kiss My Socks

Bred by Hilty Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:



Bred By: Hilty Showpigs

Stress Negative

ONLY INTENTION is a big time Next Intention son that we are pumped up about!! He is our $20,000 weanling online purchase from Hilty Showpigs early last fall. With the early reports and success of Next Intention, we knew we wanted to find an elite son to continue the momentum that Next was getting on!! Finding a NEXT INTENTION son, with his dam being a Kiss My Socks sow that is a full sister to House Money made him even more appealing. We saw the video of this young stud prior to Hilty’s first fall online sale and knew we needed to purchase him to stand alongside his sire here at PBG!! We think ONLY INTENTION has a chance to be a big league sire of champions!!

ONLY INTENTION is crazy stout, big legged, and dense in his skeleton. From a build and look standpoint, ONLY INTENTION is balanced and proportionate with an attractive look through his neck and exhibiting length to his hip. He is pulled apart and opened up while still maintaining squareness and structural integrity. ONLY INTENTION is loaded with shape and has a very expressive muscle pattern. ONLY INTENTION is an extreme hog that is built and bred to make a difference!!

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