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My Intention x Cruel Intentions x (11-33) Step One

Bred by Brockman Farms

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:


ONE TRUTH!! This one hits us very hard!!! ONE TRUTH is a boar that the crew at Brockman Farms has been EXTREMELY high on from the start and we have been anxiously awaiting the chance to go see him! As soon as we saw ONE TRUTH there was absolutely no doubt we HAD to have him and we were thrilled to get a deal done to purchase him and bring him here to PBG! From a genetic standpoint, the punch that ONE TRUTH packs is as good as it gets! He is sired by the great My Intention boar here at PBG that has proven to be a "go to" sire when trying to inject as many "extras" in one package as possible. My Intention is one of our favorite boars we have ever had here at PBG and we will never forget the first time we saw him!! His pigs consistently win on the biggest stages due to that “it factor” that he displays, and with offspring like ONE TRUTH representing the kind he is becoming known for, we expect My Intention's run to continue for a long time! ONE TRUTH'S mother is a Cruel Intentions x 11-33 Step One (My Intention's Grandmother)!! Talking with Josh and Carrie anytime you can stack that 11-33 sow in close within a pedigree, the bone and overall stoutness of feature rises up to a whole new level and when you see ONE TRUTH, that is most certainly the case!!!! ONE TRUTH is a very special individual that is backed by years and generations of incredible breeding hogs that have made their mark--- creating elite boars and sows, and winning shows on the biggest of stages!!! ONE TRUTH is one of our favorite new additions and we are absolutely fired up about his potential!! The early reports on his pigs have made us even more excited! We have consistently heard very positive feedback on the ONE TRUTH pigs and those guys are planning on using him even harder this upcoming breeding season, which is always a great indication of what a boar is doing in his initial crop! This is ONE TRUTH!!!

Josh and Carrie have always described ONE TRUTH as the modern version of Cruel Intentions and when we saw him, it was obvious why he had earned that description! ONE TRUTH exhibits all those next level traits and characteristics that have made this lineage of hogs so famous, and then takes those extremes and cranks it up a notch! ONE TRUTH is so unique in his ability to be this stout and bold, yet so comfortable and absolutely built for speed when he is set in motion!! We predict ONE TRUTH will be one that we are talking about for a long time after his pigs start to hit the show ring!! As we discussed above, that 11-33 Step One sow tends to make her presence known, and after talking with those that have had ONE TRUTH pigs, this definitely holds true! His pigs have that special "WOW" factor that cannot be denied and are absolutely incredible in terms of their bone, foot size, and STOUTNESS!!! This boar is one truly rugged, dense, stout featured boar that still reads so attractive and balanced with a running gear that allows him to motor with supreme athleticism. ONE TRUTH!!!

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