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No Mas x Lil Bro x Tier 1

Bred by Mollet Genetics

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


NO INTRODUCTION is one truly special individual that is without question one of the most popular boars we have ever had on stud!! NO INTRODUCTION is our $80,000 weanling purchase at Perfect Timing from John Mollet! Studying him in the aisle on our initial trip through the barn, he quickly surfaced as a “have to have” prospect!! As impressive as he was, we could’ve never anticipated him maturing into the creature that he is at fighting weight!! Sired by No Mas, the Lindner-bred boar in stud here in Premium Blend (who continually surfaces as one of our most consistent sires of champions time after time) and out of a Lil Bro x Tier 1 sow that is proving to be an elite generator!! The mother of NO INTRIDUCTION also produced the 2020 Tulsa State Fair Grand Overall Barrow as well as the popular Mollet boar at the big hog show at the 2020 DunFall Classic! It’s difficult to put into words how truly special we think NO INTRODUCTION is!!

NO INTRODUCTION is an absolute power hog from every angle. He is extremely stout in his skull, masculine in his jaw, and bold in his chest and forearm. From the profile, he is elevated at the point of his blade, attractive in his head and neck and smooth in his lines. NO INTRO is long and level in his hip design with an enormous hind leg that plants, drives, and motors with supreme comfort and range of motion. On the top side of his skeleton he overwhelms with an enormous back that transitions to a crisp loin edge and a big, round rib. He exhibits genuine power and true width of skeleton as he drives at you and leaves you with that same view! He does this while remaining truly square and correct with flawless structural integrity. Maybe most impressive is when you study NO INTRO at his foundation, as he stands on big, deep, evenly spaced toes offering tremendous strength to his front feet and pasterns. We could go on for a long time about the phenotypic strengths and genetic prowess he brings to the table, but when they look like this, they need NO INTRODUCTION!!


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