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Next Intention x Cruel Intentions

Bred by Brockman Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


SPECIAL, SPECIAL, SPECIAL!! This is one incredible boar! NEXT CONTESTANT is a boar that has been a favorite of Brockman's from the start and through every stage of his maturation process!! Sired by NEXT INTENTION, who is off to the best start of any boar we have ever owned, back on a Cruel Intention x (Without Question and No Doubts littermate sister) female, NEXT CONTESTANT is bred to be great! His mother is also a littermate to the 2019 State Fair Of Texas Reserve Grand Gilt, as well as Maya McCoy's Division Champion Barrow at 2019 Ohio State Fair. In addition to his genetic prowess, he's got the phenotypic goods to go with it! When they drove him out of the barn, it took about 2 steps to know we had to do whatever it took to get NEXT CONTESTANT to Premium Blend!! We are absolutely pumped up about the potential of NEXT CONTESTANT!

NEXT CONTESTANT is incredibly unique in his presence and build from the side. He is freakish in the look and extension through his head and neck, while still being stout in his jawline and masculine in his skull shape. He is huge chested and maintains genuine width and dimension from the front of his skeleton, all the way back! NEXT CONTESTANT has a tremendous turn to his upper rib and carries this down with impressive depth of flank and body mass. He is an extremely heavy boned, stout featured hog that is still so fluid in his movement and correct in the angles to his skeleton. He has a very descript muscle pattern, with a crisp turn to his loin and an enormous hip and rump. He's got it all! NEXT CONTESTANT has been used extremely hard in many of the best sow herds in the country!! NEXT CONTESTANT reads like a big-time sire of champions!!

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