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Novel Concept x Black Mamba

Bred by Cook Family Livestock

Stress: NEG    EN: 11-3    Reg#: 53420003


NEW DESIGN is the $29,000 Top Selling Poland boar from 2021 STC in Springfield purchased from Cook Family Livestock! The Cook Family is known for making elite level hogs, no matter the breed, as well as consistently producing elite herd boar prospects year after year. NEW DESIGN continues that tradition! While watching the Poland boar show at Springfield, NEW DESIGN stuck out to us as a boar that offered so many positives in a STRESS NEGATIVE package. In addition to his awesome phenotype, NEW DESIGN is sired by Novel Concept and back on a Black Mamba sow, offering a power packed pedigree, backed by years of showring success, giving us great confidence in his generating ability. If you are on the hunt for a new kind of Poland boar to make champion show barrows and gilts-it’s time for a NEW DESIGN!

NEW DESIGN is one very unique Poland China boar! He is exceptional in his design, build, and overall skeletal construction! It is hard to find Poland’s this loose and flexible while still packing on the extras it takes to win big! NEW DESIGN is very stout in his features and big legged, yet still is very attractive and has a great look from the side! He plants a huge hind leg with extreme comfort and range of motion! NEW DESIGN has continued to look better every day-he is one very impressive Poland boar that has been very popular with visitors! We are very excited to see the impact that NEW DESIGN can have on the Poland breed! We think he has a world of potential!

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