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My Intention x Never Before x Step One

Bred by PBG

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:


MY SPEED is one of the most popular young boars we have ever introduced here at PBG!! MY SPEED is a boar that was bred here at PBG and has been one that has been one that has been destined to be a boar from the moment he was born.

MY SPEED is sired by My Intention who is writing his own chapter as a special generator of champions at the highest levels!!

“DISCO” - MY SPEED’s dam is the Never Before x Step One x “Kirbie” gilt bred by Lindner that we purchased for $60,000 at the 2020 San Antonio Crossbred Gilt Show where she was Reserve Crossbred Gilt shown by Ky Blount! The impact the sows behind “DISCO” have made on the Lindner program are responsible for a tremendous number of banners at southwest majors! We knew when we purchased her that she was capable of making major change and she has proven herself to be an absolutely elite generator with several daughters selling to elite breeders as well as Night Fever who was in stud here at PBG. There is no question that MY SPEED is her best creation to date!! This one is flat out special with the genetic horsepower to make him the ultimate showpig package!!!

MY SPEED has always had that extra stoutness and feature, combined with a wild look, incredible presence and overall build that have made him a truly “stand out” individual from the beginning!! He is so attractive and balanced from the side profile, being extreme in his elevation and extension up front, transitioning down into a huge chest floor and impressive forerib shape! MY SPEED is a big bodied individual that still remains so expressive and descript in his muscle pattern up high and remains big as you get back to his hip. He maintains that mass and width down through his rump, to his stifle joint, and to the ground. MY SPEED can flat out roll and grab a next level gear with incredible comfort and athleticism, throwing his head up with an presence that makes it seem like he knows he’s good!!


MY SPEED has it all and still packs on so many extras in one exciting package! This boar got his name at a very young age—all it took was one look to know he was MY SPEED!!!

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