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PBG Boars



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ext Intention x Dirty Secret x Step One

Bred by Brockman Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


WOW!!! This boar is unlike anything we have ever seen!! MY INTENTION is a boar we have been trying to purchase (persistently) since we first saw him as a weanling pig in the Fall of 2020! We thought he was one of the most unique, far reaching animals we had ever seen and was one we had to do whatever necessary to get him to PBG!! Sired by the great Next Intention and out of "Wither" (Dirty Secret x Step One), who is one of the most impressive sows you will ever see!! Not only is she fun to look at, but she has proven to be an absolute generating machine, being the mother of My Intention, Overcomer, and Unashamed!

The first crop of MY INTENTION pigs have been incredibly well received and he is stamping his litters with the wild extras and uniqueness that he displays phenotypically! It’s cliché to say, but words can never do MY INTENTION justice, you have to see him in person to understand just how truly special he is!!

We knew we were facing an uphill battle to get him bought when we asked Josh and Carrie who their favorite boar they had ever raised was, and without hesitation, Carrie’s answer was “MY!” Considering the boars they have produced, that is a bold statement, but he has the physical attributes to back that up!! MY INTENTION is one unbelievable creature that has what it takes to be a truly dominating sire!! MY INTENTION!!

MY INTENTION stretches the imagination of the extremes a boar can offer, while still being so genuine in his build, flexible, and so square in his skeletal construction. “Big” doesn’t even begin to describe the size of his legs, yet he remains very clean in his joints and maintains strength to his front feet and maintains the proper cushion and set to his rear leg. The look and design he presents from the side is what you would draw up if you could, with unreal presence , design, and ideal proportions. Even more impressively, he comes at you and drives away with incredible width, power, and mass like nothing we have ever seen before. As you get on top of him, he overwhelms you with his spread and power and maintains this mass down through his upper rib and center body cavity. To top it all off, he is built for speed with the type of running gear it takes to make those special ones that can last the long drives to the top!!

Without question, one of the most popular purchases we have ever made.

We truly cannot thank Josh, Carrie, and entire crew at Brockman Farms enough for the opportunity to purchase this incredible boar. It takes a lot of time and vision to create something this unique and special and we think he has a chance to do things never seen before-this is MY INTENTION!!

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