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Come and See x Anchorman

Bred by Cole Genetics

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MUST SEE!! This is our exciting young boar we purchased as a weanling prospect from Cole Genetics at the 2023 Chosen Ones Pig Sale! Obviously working with Garrett on a daily basis we had heard about this one from a very early stage and was one we were definitely excited to see at that sale! MUST SEE is sired by Come & See (Snafu x Kingpin) the Brockman Farms boar at PBG, and his dam is a true foundation female at Cole Genetics. She is an Anchorman x Secret Society sow that has produced a very high number of winners at the highest levels, and makes extremely deep litters every season!! The pigs out of that sow line flat out feed and perform—and WIN!!! MUST SEE is a boar that gets us pumped up about his future!!!

MUST SEE was an extremely impressive baby pig that has remained elite through every stage of his development. His skeletal build is flawless, with ideal proportions and epitomized the word “balance” from every view! He is a tall shouldered, elevated boar that has the right kind of length of body to allow him to be a very versatile kind of boar that can hit a variety of sows! He comes at you square and opened up and leaves with that same impressive kind of width, power, and squareness. As you get on top of him, he offers spread and dimension and explodes down into a monster rib cage and mid body! Most impressively, MUST SEE offers an unbelievable running gear and is able to get out and drive with unrivaled flexibility and range of motion. MUST SEE is a big time boar that can be used on those more extreme sows that need to be looser in their skeletal makeup, fixed in their build, while he still brings even more extras to the table!! This one is a MUST SEE!!!

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