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My Intention x Here I Am x Nothing To Hide

Bred by Soileau Farms

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MONEY’S ON!!! This one is flat out SPECIAL!!! Named in honor of the voice of Texas baby pig sale season---Coby Schacher--- MONEY’S ON is our $110,000 weanling boar purchase from Soileau Farms at the 2022 King’s Of The Hill pig sale where he was the top seller!! Talking with Gabe in the weeks leading up to King’s you could immediately tell he thought very highly of the set he was bringing and this boar prospect in particular. After hearing his pedigree (My Intention x Here I Am x Nothing To Hide) that made us even more excited to see him at the sale. Gabe has an incredible ability to put pieces of the genetic puzzle together and he has created a true masterpiece here with MONEY’S ON! We have purchased several boars from Soileau Farms over the years that have done great things for us and our customers, but the way Gabe talked about this one, you could tell this boar was just different and was on a whole new level! When MONEY’S ON strolled into the ring for the preview, he absolutely blew us away. Like we have said on certain boars in the past, some just have that “it” factor that you can quite describe or quantify but you know it when you see “it” and MONEY’S ON had a bunch of “it”!!! He hit us as one of our favorite weanling boars we had ever seen and he was one we absolutely had to buy and bring here to PBG!! Use this boar with the highest amount of confidence and get ready to sell ‘em high and win big shows----MONEY’S ON!!!

MONEY’S ON is one that represents so many extreme traits that are almost impossible to put in one package! He is dart fronted, yet defies logic for one that wild looking being so big chested with just an insane amount of natural body width and dimension from end to end! From the side, he will leave you speechless with the kind of design and unique build that will stop you in your tracks. He stands on huge legs, being incredibly heavy boned and big footed! As you analyze the top side of his skeleton, he has so much spread and power starting at his shoulder blades and working all the way down a massive back, back to a huge hip! Most impressively, he packs all this heat with supreme squareness of build and is so athletic and flexible when set in motion! His running gear is second to none and should allow his offspring to stay so comfortable on the long drives to the backdrop getting their picture taken! One of our all-time favorite baby boar purchases and has matured past our wildest dreams! MONEY’S ON!!!

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