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Next Play x Dropkick's Sister

Bred by Moyer - Genetic Edge

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:



Next Play x Dropkick's Sister

Bred by Moyer - Genetic Edge

Stress: NEG

MIDNIGHT OIL is our exciting new sire we purchased as the top-selling weanling prospect in the first Moyer Major Live Sale this Spring!

Talking with Ben prior to the sale, and watching the preview, MIDNIGHT OIL hit us really hard for his overall squareness of build, proportions, and enormous hind leg. From the side, he represents the hard to find package of a short backed boar that still reads with the right kind of extension and look up front, and an impressive design to his hip/hind leg package. He comes at you square, and leaves you with an ultra impressive view being big at the top of his hip, powerful in terms of the product, and flare down low through his inner thigh muscle. He has an enormous rear leg and is able to plant, drive, and motor with excellent range of motion. As you analyze the top side of his skeleton, he packs some major heat with a huge back that starts out of the backside of his blade and transitions all the way back to his monster hip. He checks all the boxes and balances to such a high degree from every view! We think MIDNIGHT OIL can make the kind that win big shows!!!


MIDNIGHT OIL is able to combine all the positive traits we described above with a pedigree that adds extreme consistency to the equation! He is sired by Next Play ( Next Intention x Rule 21) the Knauth boar now at Genetic Edge, and back on a littermate sister to Drop Kick (Backdrop x Dirty Punch ) that Moyer calls the stoutest Backdrop female in their herd! We love the combination of tremendous breeding hogs in this pedigree and believe you can see the extreme value of each of those genetic lines in the visual attributes of MIDNIGHT OIL! To top it all off, MIDNIGHT OIL comes out of an incredible litter of pigs, being a littermate to Power Play at Moyer's, as well as his littermates bringing $16,000 and $12,000 this Spring, in addition to a gilt that was retained at Moyer's that they say might be the very best gilt they have ever raised!

We have great confidence MIDNIGHT OIL has an incredibly bright future!!

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