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Quite Frankly x Cruel Intentions

Bred by S&K

Stress: Neg    EN:    Reg#:


MATTER OF FACT! This impressive boar was our $22,000 weanling boar purchase from S&K at The Opener pig sale in Texas! While watching the preview, this one hit us hard and we were interested to dive in deeper and learn more about his pedigree! After finding out that he was a Quite Frankly x Cruel Intentions, we were locked in and knew he was coming to PBG! His Cruel Intentions x Fortune mother is a littermate to the 2020 Iowa State Fair Grand Champion Barrow, and she raised the 2022 California State Fair Grand Champion Gilt! The S&K Showpigs crew has been on fire, winning big shows all across the country and anytime you can buy a weanling boar that looks like this, out of a true breeding program backed by generations of success, it makes it a safe bet! MATTER OF FACT has been impressive from the day we bought him and has never had a bad day. We expect him to make the kind that are easy to sell as babies, yet possess the kind of maturity pattern that will allow them to show early and often and be at their best when it matters most! We like this one a bunch---MATTER OF FACT!!!

MATTER OF FACT is a hog that has some very interesting phenotypic traits that are hard to put into one package. He is an extremely elevated boar, being so tall at the point of his shoulder blade, yet is very moderate in his frame size and short bodied! He packs an immense amount of mass and product from end to end, with a huge rib cage, big back, and monster hip! MATTER OF FACT offers impressive width and power as he comes and goes, while remaining so square and correct off both ends of his skeleton. His angles allow him to stay comfortable and athletic on the move and he struts around with a natural showpig presence! MATTER OF FACT is one very powerful young boar with an extremely bright future. We are excited to see what he can generate! MATTER OF FACT!

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