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Black Panther x Reputable x No Debate 18-8

Bred by DCM Durocs and Hampshires

Stress: NEG    EN: 17-4    Reg#: 504691004



****Hampshire Breed Composition Test: PASSED****

WOW! What an absolute Hampshire stud! We had seen pictures and videos of this one leading up to Belton this spring and we couldn't wait to see him at the show and are very pleased to have MARVEL @ PBG . He is one of the best Hampshire boars we have seen in a long time. MARVEL is the definition of Game-Changer

MARVEL is an extremely stout, rugged, dense Hampshire boar. Extreme in is heaviness of structure and bone work, while maintaining strength to his pasterns and real good set to his hock. From the side profile, he offers a very attractive, balanced, proportionate build.

The set, reach and range of motion that MARVEL motors with is truly impressive and we believe is one of the many factors that will allow his offspring to consistently find the backdrop!! On top of all these elite phenotypic attributes, he boasts a perfect 100% on his Hampshire Purity Index!!

As cliché as it may be, visitors that don't own Hampshire sows, declare their intent to purchase some after seeing him on tours-MARVEL is a very special Hampshire boar!

MARVEL is without a doubt the best Hampshire boar we have ever had @ PBG! Visitors shake their heads when they hear that he is a purebred Hampshire!

MARVEL offers a tremendous option for the Purebred Parentage Divisions @ NJSA shows next summer!

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