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PBG Boars



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Next Intention x Juggernaut

Bred by Team Sloan Livestock

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


MAKE IT HAPPEN! This boar was purchased as a young one on a late Spring trip to Sloan's! Much like Next Big Thing, when we saw the video of MAKE IT HAPPEN, he looked like one that had extra special potential! While he was still very young, the extreme quality he represented made him another one we absolutely had to have! Sired by Next Intention and out of a Juggernaut sow, MAKE IT HAPPEN is bred to be a dominating sire of champions. We think he offers some truly special traits, yet combining these extremes with a flawless skeletal makeup, big legs, and a special look through his front end! The Team SLOAN program is absolutely on fire, producing champions at the highest levels at a very consistent clip, MAKE IT HAPPEN is a great representation of what makes their program so successful!! This is the kind it takes to make barrows and gilts that win on the biggest stages, at the highest levels of competition---it's time to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

MAKE IT HAPPEN is stout, boxy, and massive!! From the side profile, he is elevated, extended, and attractive. He is a boar that is moderate in his length of body, and his frame size matches, making him balance with great proportionality. We absolutely love his stoutness of skull and jaw, and the way his neck transitions high into his blade. He explodes out of his blade with shape and muscularity that he carries all the way to the rear part of his skeleton. MAKE IT HAPPEN is a bold centered, deep sided boar that represents width and power from every angle. If you are looking for a stout, bold, dense sire that still has exceptional look and showpig presence--it's time to MAKE IT HAPPEN!!

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