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Best Kept Secret x Deuces x Dirty's Aunt

Bred by Lackey Livestock

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:



(Best Kept Secret x Deuces x Dirty Secret’s Aunt)

Bred By: Lackey Livestock


MAKAVELI is our $150,000 record-selling weanling purchase from Lackey Livestock at Perfect Timing! When Jason called us and said he was bringing what he felt was the best boar he had ever produced to Perfect Timing, we were definitely excited to see him and he did not disappoint! He offers so many traits that are hard to make in a package that is backed by years of showring success! We think MAK can make a huge impact!!

MAKAVELI is massive and bold from every angle! He drives at you busted open with a monster chest and leaves with this same extreme power and mass. From the side, he offers a deadly silhouette, being very tall shouldered, short bodied, yet extended through his front 1/3. He offers a unique ability to be very moderate in length yet remaining proportionate in his build and design.

We think MAKAVELLI is tailor made for those basic, fundamental gilts that just need more extras and "ests“ while adding some grow power and frame.

First reports on his pigs have been tremendous and they are definitely some of our favorites we have on the ground.

We think MAKAVELLI is the next man up in the long list of Lackey boars that have made a mark in the showpig world!

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