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Main Character x Rip

Bred by Lettow Showpigs/Nick Berry

Stress: NEG    EN: 59-2    Reg#: 430211002


MAIN MAN is our $85,000 purchase from Lettow Showpigs in The Exchange as the pick of the Duroc boar crop at Lettow Showpigs!!! Without a doubt, MAIN MAN is one of the most popular purchases we have ever made! Simply put—-He is absolutely unreal, and quite honestly, the extreme interest level from some of the most elite breeders in the country has been staggering!! We had heard that Lettow/Berry were offering the pick of their Duroc boar crop in the 2022 The Exchange, and when Nick sent us the videos of the boars they were offering, as soon as we watched the video of MAIN MAN, there was no doubt we were going to do whatever it took to buy him whatever it took!! In addition to his incredible phenotypic traits, he packs a genetic punch loaded with years of tremendous breeding hogs that have made a major impact Sired by Main Character (Jimmy T x Bomb Squad) the Eggers boar at SGI, and his mother is a RIP x The Process x Bomb Squad’s Mom!! As you can see, MAIN MAN offers such a unique genetic package that further intensifies his extreme breeding value going forward!

We have often found that it is most difficult to describe the special ones, because no matter what, words don’t do justice. With that said, it is very hard to adequately describe how special of a boar we believe MAIN MAN is!!! To put it simply, MAIN MAN combines a next level look, hard muscle shape, power, and width with a running gear that is built for speed unlike anything we have ever seenin this breed---EVER!!! Buckle up! We think this is gonna be a fun ride with MAIN MAN!!!

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