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Tricked Out x Steel Town

Bred by G&S Swine

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


MAGIC TRICK is our exciting $27,000 top selling weanling boar purchase from G&S Swine’s live sale this Spring!! This thing was an unreal baby pig and has continued to impress through every stage!!! He is out of an incredible litter with several littermates that have had an awesome run so far, accumulating lots of banners this summer!

Sired by Tricked Out—who is off to one of the best starts of any boar we have ever owned, including most recently siring both the 2022 NJSS Grand Overall Crossbred Barrow and Grand Overall Crossbred Gilt! We knew we needed to identify elite Tricked Out sons to stand alongside their sire and MAGIC TRICK has matured into a beast that fills that role perfectly. MAGIC TRICK’S mother is a first litter Steeltown x Outta Line x Contagious. She was Garrit’s selection as the pick of the gilts out of Hilty’s slat barn! If you know how aggressive Hilty is in retaining elite females, that statement adds even more excitement to the equation! Digging deeper, the Contagious great grandmother is “THE Contagious sow” at Heimer’s that is best known as the mother of the 2017 OYE Grand Overall Barrow! She sold in Heimer’s Built The Brand Sale a few years back, bringing $32,000 for 1/2 interest to Hilty!! There is EXTREMELY potent sow power stacked up in MAGIC TRICK’s pedigree!!! We had seen pictures and videos in the week leading up to the sale, and it was easy to see that he was a special one! Talking with Garrit, it was evident that he had extreme faith in his potential, and it was an easy decision that he needed to come to PBG!! He has been a fun one to watch and has extremely impressive through every stage!!!

MAGIC TRICK offers a captivating look from the side, is elevated and extended, with a very unique look through his head and neck. He offers spread and dimension out of his shoulder blade and has a big, broad back! He has a big hip that is long with ideal slope that maximizes his ability to reach and flex his hock way back and can drive forward and fill his tracks. He plants on an absolutely perfect hind leg and rear foot and never misses a step. MAGIC TRICK is a huge ribbed boar and is very pliable through his center body with the right kind of fleshing ability. His appetite is incredible, which should prove to be a very valuable asset in his ability to make show barrows and gilts that are easy to feed and win! We think MAGIC TRICK will provide an incredible Tricked Out son we are very proud to be able to offer to our customers. MAGIC TRICK that has a chance to make some serious MAGIC making the kind that hang the biggest banners!!!

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