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Cruel Intentions x Skull & Bones (BIM's Littermate)

Bred by Brockman Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


This boar is LIKE NO OTHER!! LIKE NO OTHER is a Cruel Intentions x Skull & Bones x Cruel Intention’s mother. The mother of LIKE NO OTHER is a littermate sister to Believe In Me, Here I Am, and Keepin’ The Faith. Additionally, his mother would also be out of the same sow as Enough Said, Threes A Crowd, and Pepsi. Obviously, LIKE NO OTHER has an absolutely power packed pedigree!! The crew at Brockman Farms had been telling us about him and we were pumped up to make the trip to Texas to see him!! After hearing how excited they were about this young boar, prior to our trip we asked them “So what’s this one built like?” The answer was “He’s built like a combination of Cruel, Believe In Me, and Here I Am” That obviously got our attention very quickly. Needless to say, this boar absolutely blew us away and we think his potential as a generator of champions is limitless. A boar that is bred and built LIKE NO OTHER!!

LIKE NO OTHER is a boar that is just so unique and impressive from every angle. He drives right at you big and bold through his chest floor and maintains this extreme width and power throughout his entire body. From the side profile, he strikes an unreal pose, being elevated, freakish in his look, and dead level in his build. LIKE NO OTHER spreads wide open out of the backside of his blade with crazy power and extreme muscularity and maintains this all the way back to a big square hip!! When he is set in motion, he exhibits next level comfort and flexibility and plants and drives off his hip and hind leg with ease! The view he gives you as he drives away is so impressive with dimension and width from the top of his hip, packed with product and mass down through his rump to his inner stifle. LIKE NO OTHER has been overwhelming popular amongst visitors. We truly think he has a chance to make an impact that is LIKE NO OTHER!!

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