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Dirty Love'N x Secret Society x Cookie

Bred by Lackey Livestock

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Dirty Love’N x Secret Society x Cookie


Bred By: Lackey Livestock

LIFE SENTENCE is a very exciting late Spring '20 addition from Lackey Livestock!! We had heard from several people that Lackey had a very special DIRTY LOVE’N son at the farm they had already started using with lots of confidence. We have purchased several boars from the Lackey Livestock crew the last couple years, and there is no doubt, LIFE SENTENCE has as many extreme parts and pieces as any!

LIFE SENTENCE is not only extremely impressive in his phenotype, but he offers a very interesting blend of pedigree packed with years of show ring success!! Sired by the very popular and successful DIRTY LOVE"N and back on a SECRET SOCIETY x Cookie sow makes for a very exciting genetic package! As stated above, LIFE SENTENCE offers some very extreme traits that will allow for advancement and winning big shows!!

From a design standpoint,

LIFE SENTENCE is level in his build, attractive in his look, and very proportionate in his overall construction! He is enormous in his chest floor width and maintains this spread from the base of his chest, through his knee to the ground. He is extreme in his muscle expression with a crisp turn to his loin edge. LIFE SENTENCE is blown apart as he drives away, offering extreme width and dimension while still maintaining squareness and flex out of his hip and hind leg.

Early reports on pigs have been extremely good and we can't wait to see what LIFE SENTENCE can get done!!

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