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Tricked Out x Never Before

Bred by Peaks To Prairie Showpigs

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LETS’S RIDE is our exciting private purchase from Peaks to Prairie Showpigs (Colorado)! When we first saw a video of this boar, he was one that hit us so hard with the initial impression. It was almost like we were stepping back in time to when we first saw the video of Never Before. With LET’S RIDE being sired by Tricked Out (Next Intention x Never Before) back on a direct Never Before sow, it’s obvious to see why LET’S RIDE’S resemblance to him is so strong with being that tightly linebred and we are hopeful that he can have a similar kind of impact on the industry! As you get deeper into the bottom side of his pedigree, his grandmother is sired by Cartel, a (Visionary x Outta Hand 235) boar that was bred by Weisinger Farms that had a very successful career here at PBG! With that many truly influential crossbred boars tied up in his pedigree, the genetic value alone that LET’S RIDE brings to the table is so valuable in its own right! Then when you study the boar, that excitement gets cranked up to a whole new level and we absolutely cannot wait to see what he can do!!! He is the kind that is extreme enough to make a major change, while remaining so functional in his build and correct in his makeup to allow him to be used with the utmost confidence across many different types and kinds of females!

When we first saw LET’S RIDE, he struck us so hard as an absolute spitting image of the legendary boar stacked tight on both side of his pedigree——Never Before! He is sired by the legendary Tricked Out (Next Intention x Never Before x Blurred Vision), and back on a Never Before x Cartel (Visionary x Outta Hand 235) dam which results in combining some truly legendary boars into one incredible genetic package! Even more exciting to see are all of the extremes and best characteristics of those sires wrapped up in his phenotypic makeup to make one absolutely standout individual! LET’S RIDE offers a striking look from the side profile, being tall shouldered, dead level in his build, with the type of proportions that should allow him to be a very potent sire of both champion barrows and show gilts! He is EXTREME in his bone work with a monster back leg, huge forearm and has huge feet!! He remains so youthful in his look, attractive in his design, and athletic in his movements! LET’S RIDE offers loads of muscle shape from the backside of his blade back to his huge hip! From front to rear, LET’S RIDE carries the kind of impressive width and power necessary to sire winners at the highest levels of competition! We are VERY excited about this young sire and what we believe he has the ability to accomplish! He’s just got that “it” that is so hard to describe, but you know it when you see it----and LET’S RIDE absolutely has IT!!! Showpig nation…..LET’S RIDE!!!!

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