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Whip & Spur x Dunked On x 3 Way

Bred by Farrer Stock Farm

Stress: NEG    EN: 81-4    Reg#: 428443004


LET IT RIP is our exciting purchase from Farrer Stock Farms out of the 2022 NSR “The Draft” Online Sale!!! We were very intrigued by his pedigree and while watching the preview he hit us very hard as one that had some VERY unique parts that could help and make a difference in the breed! After making the drive to see him prior to the sale, we were sure he was one we needed and knew LET IT RIP was one we wanted to add to our Duroc lineup! We have extremely high expectations for what LET IT RIP can accomplish!!! As alluded to above, LET IT RIP has a strong genetic punch that is loaded with extremely popular and successful Duroc boars that were bred by great breeders!! Duroc breeders are very passionate and invested in what they do and how they make their breeding decisions, and to have the culmination of so many great breeders work making up the pedigree---it gives us a huge amount of confidence in LET IT RIP’S ability to be a progressive Duroc sire!! Genetically, we love what he brings to the table. He is sired by Whip & Spur, who is a grandson of the legendary Last Drop, and his mother is a Dunked On x 3 Way sow! We believe LET IT RIP’s unique combination of pedigrees rich in Duroc heritage will allow him to be used on a wide selection of Duroc females with great results!!!

LET IT RIP has an incredible skeleton, being tall shouldered, level in his top line, with an ideal hip design and set to his hind leg. He is blown wide open in his chest floor and exhibits that impressive spread and power throughout! Since his purchase, he has exploded into a whole new animal! The feedback on LET IT RIP from elite Duroc breeders here on tours has been fun to hear! LET IT RIP has that look of a generator and one that will breed on and make a change! The Farrer Stock Farms program has always been known as being a great group of livestock minds that know how to put together boars that leave an impact! We have firm belief in LET IT RIP to continue that tradition!!!

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