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My Intention x Next Intention's Mother

Bred by Brockman Farms

Stress: NEG    EN:    Reg#:


KINGDOM MAN!! We are extremely excited about this purchase from Brockman Farms!! We had been hearing about KINGDOM MAN for a long time and when we made the trip to see him, he blew away even our highest expectations! Having a pedigree that reads (My Intention x Next Intention’s Mother) is something that holds immense value on its own. Then, when you get a chance to look at this special boar and his phenotype highlights all of the good of those legendary boars and sows that are stacked in his pedigree, the excitement skyrockets even more! As mentioned, KINGDOM MAN is sired by the great My Intention (Next Intention x “Wither” Dirty Secret x Step One”. Wither is responsible for producing so many great individuals (My Intention, Unashamed, Overcomer, and the 2020 State Fair Of Texas Reserve Dark Crossbred barrow), as well as many more! Then it gets even better as you get to the bottom side of his pedigree with his mother being best known as the legendary Next Intention’s mother!!! She is a (House Money x Step One) sow that has produced: Next Intention, Kingdom Man, Stay The Course, Wicked, Born Again, Carbon Copy, Cage The Elephant, and Forgiven, as well as being the grandmother of Revival—a new addition from Brockman Farms that we absolutely LOVE!!! Obviously with several shots of the legend, Cruel Intentions, you also obviously get several shots of Cruel’s mother wrapped up in this incredible genetic package, stacking it tight with Next Intention’s mom, My Intention’s mom, and Cruel Intention’s mom!!! With all that said, its obvious to see why we have so much confidence in KINGDOM MAN’S ability to be the next one in this list of legendary Brockman Boars here at PBG!!!

KINGDOM MAN takes extreme bone and stoutness to an entirely new level!! His extremes rank up there with any of the legendary boars we have purchased from Brockman Farms! He is crazy big legged and just reads with so much true power and stoutness from every angle! He is so dense in his skeleton, with unrivaled power and width as he comes and goes, while remaining so genuine and square in his build! We believe the easiest and best way to describe KINGDOM MAN would be to combine the best parts of Next Intention and My Intention into one unforgettable package! To combine those extremes with an unreal look and a correct, functional skeleton is almost impossible, yet KINGDOM MAN does it to such a high degree! Again, as we described above, being sired by My Intention and back on Next Intention’s mother, KINGDOM MAN combines all of the very best sows and sow families to ever work at Brockman Farms. It’s a bold statement, but we truly believe that KINGDOM MAN has the same kind of potential as Next Intention and My Intention did when we purchased them!! KINGDOM MAN saw a large number of the very best sows at Brockman Farms this breeding season, as well as many of the most elite sow herds across the country! We have extremely high expectations for this boar and the impact he will make for years to come! KINGDOM MAN!!!

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