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Katmandu x Dominator x Energize

Bred by Thompson Bros Genetics

Stress: NEG    EN: 118-1    Reg#: 656289001


KAT’S MEOW is our off the farm purchase from Thompson Bros that we believe is one incredible Yorkshire boar!! Big thanks to Broc and Luke for the opportunity to purchase him! We think he is going to do big things for the Yorkshire breed!! We view KAT’S MEOW as the kind of boar that can be bred to a very wide range of females and expect tremendous results! He combines so many extreme, out there pieces for the breed and packs them all into a very complete, functional package! In addition to these strong phenotypic traits, he also offers immense genetic value, with a touch of fresh air, while still tying into some of the recent legends in the Yorkshire breed! KAT’S MEOW comes from a Yorkshire breeding program that is proven to generate elite junior show champions at the highest levels, while also maintaining a vision and plan for how to make great ones that make an impact and improve the Yorkshire breed! We have a ton of faith in KAT’S MEOW and are thrilled to have him in our Yorkshire line-up that are proud to offer to our customers!

KAT’S MEOW comes at you like a beast as he drives at you with a monster chest floor and carries that power all the way throughout with an enormous upper rib and huge back coming out of his blade. He offers extreme spread and immense power and spread out of the backside of his blade. He is an extremely heavy structured boar with enormous feet and awesome toe quality! KAT’S MEOW reads like a stout generator at every indicator from his skull back to this big tail root, giving that “look” of the kind of breeding hog that generates champion show barrows and gilts, as well as elite breeding stock that goes on to improve the breed!! KAT’S MEOW offers these extreme, outlier pieces on a skeleton that is so correct and fundamental in its makeup. He reaches and takes a long stride with his shoulder, forearm, and front foot, and offers that same kind of flex and range of motion out of his hip and hind leg. Most importantly, the step he takes is extremely secure with an ideal set to his hock and rear foot, that leaves absolutely no doubt where his tracks are going as he motors! He’s all that—the KAT’S MEOW!!!

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