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Hit Stick x Big Paw

Bred by Sanders Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: 36-5    Reg#: 659167005


KAISER is one truly POWERFUL Yorkshire boar that has a hip and hind leg design with incredible reach and athleticism that we believe will have tremendous impact in the Yorkshire breed and are extremely proud to be able to offer him to our customers!!!

We have heard tremendous reports on Kaiser and after seeing pictures and videos throughout various stages of his development—-we felt we needed to go check him out! Kaiser was one those boars that gets about 5 steps out and we knew we had to do everything possible to bring him to PBG!

KAISER is so stout, bold, and powerful, with a tremendous amount of natural capacity and volume. He is crazy heavy boned, big footed, and burly in every aspect. He is extremely massive with impressive spread and width from end to end! From every angle, KAISER offers an awesome view!

With all of his power and extreme masculine traits, KAISER still reads with a very unique look, awesome extension ahead of his blade, and paints an attractive picture as you view him from the side profile!! He is tall shouldered, dead level in his build, with a strong top line. In motion, KAISER is so loose and flexible with a next level type of running gear. His length of body and frame and frame size reads absolutely ideal to make unreal junior show gilts, barrows, boars, or replacement females. We truly believe he can do it all at a VERY high level!

In addition to all of his obvious phenotypic value, KAISER packs a tremendous lineage to give extreme confidence in his generating ability! He is sired by the popular and successful Hit Stick (Big Stick x Gain Control) and out of a Big Paw x Stoked sow who has a very rich history of champions and elite breeding stock! KAISER’S aunt was the 2021 OYE 5th Overall Yorkshire gilt and his granddam (Stoked sow) is also the grandmother of Out Cold, Why Not Us, and Instant Awe! That sow was also an impressive show gilt, being named the 2019 OYE Reserve Yorkshire Gilt! With all her success, DJ & Amara believe, the 47 litter sows, including KAISER’s mother, are that sow’s most important accomplishment to date and are females that they are building around!

We feel KAISER is a sire that can combine delivering elite show stock that can win at all levels and elite breeding stock to make the breed better - very quickly!!!DJ and Amara have put a TON of faith in KAISER as the service sire of the bulk of their upcoming pig crop! He is that kind that gives you the confidence to do that!

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