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Believe In Me x Breaking Rules x Never Before

Bred by S-Squared Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


***Judgement Day's Littermate brother was named 2022 California State Fair 4-H Champion Dark Cross Barrow!***

The time has come---it's JUDGEMENT DAY!! This boar was the top selling weanling pig at The Established West Coast Sale!! JUDGEMENT DAY is a flat-out stud and has been EXTREMELY popular with visitors here on tours! Sired by the great Believe In Me and his mother (Breaking Rules x Never Before) was Hadley Hendrickson’s ultra-successful Summer ‘21 Show gilt that ended the summer being named 2021 Indiana State Fair Jr Show Grand Overall Gilt! JUDGEMENT DAY’S Grandmother is the famous “Charm” sow at S Squared that they purchased from Bobell Farms as the record selling weanling gilt at the ‘20 Perfect Timing pig sale!! She has proven to be an incredibly potent generator including also being the mother of the 2022 Denver NWSS Reserve Grand Overall Market Hog! Needless to say, Judgement Day packs a serious genetic punch in addition to all his incredible phenotypic traits!!

JUDGEMENT DAY offers the rare combination of extreme stoutness and power with the unbelievable design and presence Believe In Me is known for in a very moderate package! He drives at you busted wide open, being pulled apart through his chest and maintaining this squareness and width down through his knee, to the ground! As you analyze the top side of his skeleton, he is so impressive in the mass and spread, with a muscle pattern that is expressive, yet lays across his skeleton very smoothly, allowing him to remain so loose and comfortable on the move! He is a very long hipped boar that exhibits incredible rear leg drive and function! We believe that JUDGEMENT DAY is built and bred to win on the biggest stages and can make a major impact!!! We can't describe how excited we are to see what JUDGEMENT DAY will do as a sire!!

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