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PBG Boars



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Just for Men x Speak Now

Bred by Wintex Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: 48-5    Reg#: 163136005


JET BLACK is one incredible Berkshire boar!! He absolutely blew us away when we saw him at Wintex Farms!! In addition to the extreme phenotypic traits he possesses, JET BLACK offers an incredible genetic punch, being sired by Just For Men (Burkin Off x Injured Reserve’s sister) and out of a Speak Now x Dead Or Alive sow. He combines several generations of Berkshire breed legends, further strengthening the generating power he offers!! After seeing him and talking with the crew at Wintex about his first pigs, it was an extremely easy decision that JET BLACK was one we absolutely had to have.

JET BLACK is a Berkshire boar that is so unique in his combination of extreme, breed changing qualities, while still being so comfortable and correct in his angle to his skeleton. He displays an ideal length and design to his hip, which allows his hind leg to function at an extremely high level. From the side profile, he gives a striking view, being extra tall shouldered, elevated and extended through his head and neck. On top of all this, he is incredibly heavy boned, stout featured boar with an enormous rear leg. JET BLACK has a chance to do special things making Berks that can compete for overall titles!!

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