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Big Step x News Flash

Bred by Rodibaugh Genetic Team

Stress: NEG    EN: 1-3    Reg#: 635902003



Big Step x News Flash X Wow x Daddy Mack

JACK is an elite Yorkshire boar that we purchased from Rodibaugh Genetic team off the farm the week after STC!! Talking with Steve and hearing the conviction he had about the quality of the littermate boars to JASPER, we knew we had to make the trip right away and were pumped to load both JACK & JUMP to join their brother here at Premium Blend!!

While we know that JACK will start out being known as a littermate to JASPER, farm visitors agree, JACK is way more than just the "littermate". This is another extremely elite individual out of one of premier Yorkshire litters produced! We had seen the trio of littermate Yorkshire boars (JASPER, JACK, JUMP) at Rodibaugh's on an early summer trip and thought they were killer good. We are pumped up to now own all three littermate boars and we feel they have a tremendous chance to leave a long-lasting impact on the Yorkshire breed!!

JACK & Jasper are made in a nearly identical mold. JACK is the slightly bigger-framed of the pair. Jasper has certainly lived up to his hype and has been extremely popular so when visitors comment on tours that they have JACK ranked right with his brother – that gets us very excited.

The best testament we believe we can give on JACK is that the Rodibaughs suggested the name to honor the patriarch of the family - the legendary Jack Rodibaugh!!

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