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PBG Boars



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On Track x Lock Up

Bred by Mitchem Family Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: 2-9    Reg#: 161015009


INSIDE TRACK is the $55,000 world record selling Landrace Boar we purchased at the 2021 The Exposition!! This one hit us incredibly hard and knew we had to do whatever it took to get him home to PBG!! INSIDE TRACK has the phenotypic traits to be a true changer with the genetic background to back it up!! Sired by On Track (Change Of Pace x Secrets Out) and out of a Lock Up (Got Em x Bad Cat) sow, INSIDE TRACK comes from an incredibly deep litter that includes the 2021 The Exposition Jr Show Reserve Grand Landrace gilt (she has also been very successful on the Ohio jackpot circuit), and the 2021 The Audible Champion Landrace Barrow! INSIDE TRACK is a totally unique one that we believe can have a major impact on the Landrace breed!!

INSIDE TRACK is built to get you to the winner’s circle fast!! He is a moderate, boxy Landrace boar that still reads with a really attractive look from the side. While being shorter bodied, he remains very strong in his top line and is still “long” and correct where he needs to be in terms of his look blade forward and length to his hip. He is awesome in his design and proportions, with everything matching and fitting. All of this adds up to INSIDE TRACK’S ability to stay flexible with range of motion off both ends of his skeleton. He comes right at you busted open and square, while maintaining a proper set and slope to his shoulder blade, down through his forearm and front foot. He leaves you just as impressive with awesome width, power, and squareness from the top of his hip, through his hock to the ground. INSIDE TRACK is a very bold centered boar with great rib shape and depth of body. This is one very special Landrace boar! We think he can put you on the INSIDE TRACK to making Landrace barrows and gilts that can complete for the “overall” banners!! INSIDE TRACK!!

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