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Klique x Shag Carpet

Bred by Foote Farms

Stress: NEG    EN: 98-3    Reg#: 55552003


INNER CIRCLE!!! This is the Poland China boar we purchased from Foote Farms as a weanling for $15,000 at the ’22 Perfect Timing Pig Sale! INNER CIRCLE caused quite a stir and was one of the most talked about animals in the barn, with multiple people coming up to us after the sale and saying that they didn’t own any Poland sows but were going to buy some just so they could use him!!! We truly believed this was the best young Poland boar prospect we had ever seen when we bought him at PT, and can tell you with absolute certainty that he has matured into one of the most impressive young boars of any breed or color that we have here at PBG!!! He is sired by Klique (Gang Signs x “Dorothy” (Nailed It) that is a littermate to Throwin’ Sets that we had here at PBG! INNER CIRCLE’S mother is a Shag Carpet x Purple Rain sow! We have had a front row view to watch what Shag Carpet descendants can do and anytime we can tie into one with him in the pedigree, it makes it a very easy decision! Thanks to our good friend Jason Foote for creating a unique Poland creature like this and offering him for sale at PT! We truly believe he has what it takes to be the next legend in the Poland China breed! INNER CIRCLE!

INNER CIRCLE is unlike anything we have EVER seen in the Poland China breed! It is so rare to find one that is this stout, burly, and massive, that remains so wild in his look through his head and neck! His hip is long and his hind leg is absolutely perfect, allowing him to plant his rear foot with flex and cushion. He is a big chested boar that has his shoulder blade set back in him, enabling him to reach out of his front end with extreme range of motion. INNER CIRCLE has extremely dark skin with an incredible hair coat, which should make his offspring stand out amongst the crowd even more! INNER CIRCLE has what I would call the ideal amount of muscle for this breed. It seems like they either have too much =, or not enough, and INNER CIRCLE hits that rare sweet spot for Poland China muscularity. We could go on for paragraphs describing all the good this boar offers but we will keep it short and sweet---Guys, this is one absolutely incredible Poland China boar that we think has a chance to rewrite the history of the breed!

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