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Just For Berks x Whataberk x Whataberk's Aunt

Bred by Lindner Showpigs

Stress: NEG    EN: N/A    Reg#: N/A


IMAGINE THAT!! This is our exciting “Berkshire Appearing” crossbred boar purchase from Lindner Showpigs at the 2021 King’s Of The Hill Pig Sale! Obviously Whataberk and Lindner Showpigs have had a truly remarkable run in the Southwest Berkshire Barrow rings, winning in dominant fashion! We made it a very high priority to find a boar out of that genetic line to continue to build upon all his success!! IMAGINE THAT represents a very tightly linebred pedigree being sired by Just 4 Berks, a (Whataberk x Backpage) bred by Kneese and then his mother is a Whataberk x Whataberk’s aunt! Talking with Luke early on about the Berkshire appearing males in this crop for this sale season, he indicated that he was saving back a very special one to take to King’s. After we saw his picture he posted on Facebook the week prior to the sale, his pedigree, and along with the endorsement of Luke saying that IMAGINE THAT was the best “Berk” they had every started at that stage, we were obviously very excited to see him at the sale! Needless to say, IMAGINE THAT hit us extremely hard and he was one we absolutely had to own!! We are pumped to own this boar and think he can continue the dominant run for Berkshire barrows and gilts at classifying shows in the southwest!! Think of the possibilities this boar brings to the table for winning those big ring shows, imagine the banners—IMAGINE THAT!

IMAGINE THAT is a boar that has been so impressive through this entire maturity pattern. He was obviously a very impressive weanling boar when we purchased him and it has been awesome to watch him grow and develop into everything we could have hoped he would be, AND MORE!! He is so exotic and unique in his front end design, with a sharp look and freakish extension through his head and neck! IMAGINE THAT is a stout featured, dense boar that is very heavy boned and big footed. He is loaded with hard shape and muscle expression with a giant ditch running all the way down his back! He is a true power hog, coming and going with extreme power, width, and dimension. Most importantly, he packs this punch while maintaining rare comfort, flex, and range of motion! This is a very exciting young boar that has a chance to make the same type of major impact, much like his grand sire, Whataberk! This is a boar that can make the kind that will stand out in a crowd on the biggest stages at the highest levels—-IMAGINE THAT!!!

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