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ICE - Hampshire

ICE - Hampshire

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Lion Share x Date Night

Bred by Hi Point Genetics

Stress:    EN: 54-1    Reg#: 511967001


ICE!!! This is one INCREDIBLE Hampshire boar!!!ICE is our mature Hampshire boar purchase from Hi Point Genetics!! Brent Bolen calls THE very best Hampshire ever bred at Hi Point! Considering all of the legends of the Hampshire breed that they have been responsible for making, that’s a very bold statement—but ICE is simply that impressive!!!! ICE packs a powerful punch when you study his genetic makeup. He is sired by the great Lion Share (Top Gun x No Debate 18-8 x Flat Bill x Augusta) boar at Heimer’s that created an incredible resume in a short period of time! ICE’S mother is a special Date Night (Range Wars x Zero Tolerance) sow that is also the mother of Viper and Vice!! This pedigree is absolutely loaded with the greats of the Hampshire breed!!! As you dive deep into his pedigree, it is incredible to see how many of the truly legendary Hampshire boars and breeders there are in his background. From every angle and perspective, ICE is an amazing Hampshire boar that we feel very fortunate to own here at PBG!

ICE is a boar that you truly have to see in person to believe! He is just a truly incredible specimen. ICE combines elite traits from every angle into one very, very special package! He is SO extreme, yet SO complete and functional. He is crazy stout, bold, and powerful, yet still remains so correct in his skeletal build and correct off both ends. He is the epitome of balance and design, with so much power, bone and overall stoutness to go with it! ICE can be used on about any type and kind of female with the utmost confidence! He is the total package—-with ALL the extras and “ests” you could ever want! There is absolutely no doubt that ICE is one of the most impressive—boars of any breed or color—-that we have ever seen!! Even more exciting is that he is generating those elite traits at a very consistent rate. His first pig crop was in extremely HIGH demand selling extremely well all sale season and they have certainly lived up to the expectations as they have started to hit the show ring! We are absolutely pumped to now have ICE and his incredible son—WATCH THIS—here at PBG!!! Thanks again to Brent and Tom and the crew for the opportunity to purchase these once in a lifetime Hampshire boars. Here he is—-ICE!!!

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