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Van Wilder x Unbelievable

Bred by Cory McDonald

Stress: NEG    EN: 10-1    Reg#: 181911001


HORSEPOWER!! This beast is the $51,000 Top Selling & Reserve Champion Spot boar we purchased from Cory McDonald at the recent 2023 STC in Springfield!! HORSEPOWER is a changer!!! He brings an UNREAL amount of power, mass, and stoutness!!! He is crazy heavy boned, big footed, and extreme in his overall heaviness of structure!! With all of his extreme power traits, HORSEPOWER paints a very attractive picture from the side and offers supreme balance and proportions! He is square and correct, and as he’s gotten home and settled in, HORSEPOWER has gotten even more flexible and comfortable—-and can get out and motor with the ability to catch a next level running gear! HORSEPOWER has a front end assembly that is needed in the Spot breed with the right angle, set, and slope to his shoulder, down through his forearm and front foot!! HORSEPOWER can make major moves forward in one generation! We absolutely love this boar and have an extreme amount of faith in HORSEPOWER’S ability to be a very special sire for many years to come!! He is one flat out incredible Spot boar!!! HORSEPOWER!!!

HORSEPOWER is sired by Van Wilder (Lampoon x Downtown) the very successful Team Sloan boar at Upperhand, and his mother is sired by Unbelievable (Trading Favors x Hybrid), the Zimmerman boar at Armstrong Genetics. As you can see, HORSEPOWER offers an extended pedigree full of legendary boars and sows from very influential breeders that have made substantial impacts on the Spotted breed! We believe HORSEPOWER is able to put those extreme traits found in those various genetic lines into one package resulting in the ultimate Spot boar package!! He offers the extremes to move and shake, while still being so fundamental and correct in his overall skeletal makeup! HORSEPOWER!!!

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