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Scouts Honor x Burkin Off

Bred by Wintex

Stress: NEG    EN: 240-4    Reg#: 166380004


HONOR SYSTEM!!! Prior to our trip to Wintex Farms early this summer, we had discussed in depth just how special they thought SECRET STASH was, but Will also indicated that they had a younger "240 litter" boar that they were extremely high on and excited about as well!! That 240 litter boar is now known as HONOR SYSTEM, and we are very proud to offer this elite Berkshire boar to our customers! He is built to take a big swing and make them different!!! HONOR SYSTEM offers those extreme characteristics that are absolutely necessary to win the big shows at the highest levels!

HONOR SYSTEM is one of the heaviest muscled, most exotic looking Berkshire boars we have ever seen. He is razor sharp fronted, but still has a really masculine jaw and stout forehead. He is wild in the shape coming out of his shoulder and shows off one of the most defined muscle patterns of any boar-any breed, standing here at PBG! He carries this product all the way back to a huge hip and rump and ties this shape all the way down to his stifle joint. With all this said, HONOR SYSTEM is a very proportional, well balanced, functional boar that can get out and travel with flex and comfort! We believe HONOR SYSTEM is a homerun mating for those Berkshire sows that need added look, muscle shape, and raw power, without sacrificing the build and function needed to win! HONOR SYSTEM!!

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