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HMB 71

HMB 71

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Hold My Beer x Outta Hand 235 x Sunshine

Bred by Wintex Farms

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HMB 71

Hold My Beer x Outtahand 235 x Sunshine

Bred by Wintex Farms...
Owned with Wintex Farms

HMB71 has already created quite the resume siring barrows and gilts that have won at the highest levels of competition! We have always admired his offspring due to their overall stoutness, feature, and power, while maintaining an awesome look, build,and presence! We never dreamed we’d convince the crew at Wintex to sell us 71, but we are absolutely thrilled to have purchased him, making Premium Blend his new home!

When Will dropped 71 out of his pen on the tour at WTX, we were incredibly impressed! He runs uphill yet is moderate in his length of body with extreme rib and body shape! He plants and drives on an enormous hind leg. What we were most impressed with is the extreme comfort and agility he still demonstrates as a mature boar carrying all this power and mass. He stamps his offspring with his extreme traits, yet consistently makes them very skeletally correct! We could go on for awhile describing his positive attributes, but his track record speaks for itself-he flat out gets it done!! Simply put, 71 has proven to be a very influential sire and we think he is just getting started!! HMB 71 has sired winners include the 2018 Arizona Nationals Grand Overall Barrow, the 2019 OYE Reserve Overall Gilt.


HMB 71 continues to roll out extremely competitive show stock including the 2020 San Antonio Reserve Heavy York.

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